How to scrape with Ruby and Nokogiri and map the data

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Free Code Camp published my article “How to scrape with Ruby and Nokogiri and map the data.”



This piece comes out of a project I recently built to map bridge data from across Wichita, Kansas. To get the bridge info, I created a Ruby script that used Nokogiri to compile information before converting it to JSON . With that in hand, I was able to use JavaScript and the Google Maps API to plot each bridge with info-rich popups.

Read the article and see the code on GitHub.


Locked Out: An Interview With Randy Regier

Top Bar, Wichita


This past summer I interviewed Randy Regier about his itinerant toy store, Nu-Penny. The store— a locked display of toys, which are of his own design and reminiscent of a bygone era— most recently appeared in Wichita, Kansas. We discuss nostalgia, Walter Benjamin, the eccentricities of toy collection, and the potential of mobile installation art. Find the complete interview at MAKE: A Chicago Literary Magazine.