“Year of the Cow” at Passages North


My story “Year of the Cow” appears in the latest issue of Passages North, a magazine from Northern Michigan University that has published since 1979. Big thanks to Jennifer A. Howard, Monica McFawn, and the staff at Passages North for including my work.

Issue 39, our 370-page behemoth, contains new work from ew work from Cortney Lamar Charleston, Keith S. Wilson, Leila Chatti, Jericho Parms, Marlin Jenkins, Emari DiGiorgio, Danielle Lea Buchanan, and so many more.



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I’m excited that my story “An Annotated List” will be published with New Delta Review, the literary publication of the MFA program at Louisiana State University. Thanks to Julia Carey and the NDR crew for accepting the story. I grabbed a screen shot of their banner to make this post. I hope they can forgive me.

If you haven’t checked them out yet, [do it].

Glimmer Train Nod

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I’m thrilled to say that my story “The Empire Builder” was awarded second-place in Glimmer Train’s Short Story Award for New Writers! Glimmer Train publishes some of the best short stories out there—pick up any copy and you’ll find stories that are both smart and emotional, deftly maneuvering in often hazardous territory. They publish the kind of work that reminds you why you write. I’m ecstatic to have their support. This is a good week.