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I create collages from various sources, appearing in Quarterly WestMiracle Monocle, and elsewhere.



littlefoot is an electronic music project that bends video game-style melodies into minimal, moody, chipper, and ecstatic heights. With a 90s-themed name and aesthetic, littlefoot is the dorky little brother of vaporware and design-minded artists like Com Truise and Tycho.


littlefoot (self-titled debut). February, 2018.

Burn May, 2018.



Portraits for friends, family, and even the greyhound bus mascot.




Greyhound Plus



LIV Fest is a two-day music and arts festival held annually in downtown Wichita.

As a co-founder of the LIV Music Festival, I booked bands, created press materials, coordinated with artists, and helped manage a growing budget. I’m proud to have worked with a talented group to sustain the production from 2010-2013. LIV Fest set out to be an acknowledgment of the city’s commitment to music, art, and culture. A way to give exposure to local acts while exposing the city to innovative music from around the country.




LIV Fest puts on display the best of diverse genres: indie, hip-hop, rock, bluegrass, folk, and funk, among others. 2010 featured Split Lip Rayfield, French Horn Rebellion, Student Film, The Non, Weather is Happening, Berry, and many more. 2011’s list boasted Murder by Death, Solagget, Hot Club of Cowtown, Manish Law, and returning local favorites like Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy, Spirit of the Stairs, Too Femme. The 2012 festival is proud to feature Y La Bamba, Appleseed Cast, Chris Mann, Broncho, and many more. 2011 & 12 were hosted at The Orpheum Theater in Downtown WichitaTheater and outdoor stages, delicious food, beers, drinks, and plenty of shaded and air-conditioned areas will keep you refreshed through 2 great days of music.


The (Allegedly) Entertaining Report – Impact 0614 from Justin Rupert on Vimeo.



Beyond the annual festival, LIV Fest also organizes a Presentation Series. These shows help bring in national talent throughout the year and strengthen musical connections in Wichita. The shows are filmed and recorded, leaving the touring bands with great promotional material that will raise awareness of the fest. Here are some examples:


Into It explores oddities, icons, and overlooked trends. Since 2011, the segment has aired regularly on 89.1 KMUW and been nationally rebroadcasted to NPR stations through Public Radio Remix.


2013: First-place from the Kansas Association of Broadcasters for a Major Market Editorial/Commentary, 2013. Into It.

2013: PRX’s Zeitfunk Awards named Andrew the “Most Licensed Producer by Public Radio Remix, 3rd Place.”

2012: PRX’s Zeitfunk Awards named Andrew the “Most Licensed Producer by Public Radio Remix, 2nd Place.”

2011: Second-place from the Kansas Association of Broadcasters for a Major Market Editorial/Commentary, 2011. Into It.

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A recent segment about Henry Ford’s abandoned Brazilian dream city turned into a short video:



Shorts and experiments. Latest work on Vimeo.


Riordan Clinic




Baloon in the Sky


Collage, illustration, and video work for The Riordan Clinic in Wichita, Kansas. Summer 2013. See the full collection on Behance.