Building a Best Sellers List– Featured at Free Code Camp

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I went through the Free Code Camp curriculum back in 2016 to earn a front-end certificate. It’s a great organization, and I’m thrilled to have published an article about combining APIs on the Medium publication for Free Code Camp.


Indiana Review #IRFictionPrize


The Indiana Review offered up an #IRFictionPrize twitter contest, asking writers to provide a title for this short:

“You were stranded on a desert island with a copy of IR and a newborn piglet. You did the only thing you could do to survive.”


They picked my entry as one of two winners, which I’ve lovingly converted into a sort of piggish Rothko print. Thanks to the IR crew for selecting it and putting out such a wonderful publication! Here’s more on the 2015 IR Fiction Prize and how to submit.

Q&A with Bret Anthony Johnston


This summer I had the chance to read Bret Anthony Johnston’s fantastic new novel Remember Me Like This. He was kind enough to answer my questions about it and share a bizarre experience at a clown convention in Houston that prompted his story “Paradeability,” which appeared in American Short Fiction, Issue 53.

Find it here: “An Interview With Bret Anthony Johnston,” American Short Fiction.

Kevin Wilson & the American Short Fiction Podcast

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I’ve been hooked on Kevin Wilson’s stories since I got a hold of Tunneling to the Center of the Earth a few years ago. They’re always humorous without feeling light, managing to find strange and exciting ways towards emotion.

I’ve had the chance to listen to a reading of “Pig Week” at a bar in Washington D.C., a sampling of The Family Fang to a packed hall at AWP, and a great story of a young couple coping with a troubled household (including a boy who’s absorbed in video games) at Sewanee in 2012. Each reading had it’s own ambience, but the constant was Kevin’s modest demeanor and smart stories.

So it’s really an honor to work with American Short Fiction to publish his story “The Horror.” And I couldn’t be more pleased to offer his reading from that story as our first ASF podcast.

Interview with Monica McFawn– new fiction & sassy horse chat

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Monica’s fantastic story “Ornament and Crime” is up with American Short Fiction this month. I asked her a few questions and received the gems below. For more, go read the interview:

I used to think that this was sad—it must be terrible not to have the wherewithal or desire to make a nice space. It seemed like a missing sense. But as I was conceiving the story, I thought about how taste itself is a kind of a burden, a way of seeing that can bring both pleasure and agitation.

There’s a saying in architecture—truth to materials—that basically means that building elements should be left exposed. The beams are beautiful—why obscure them with a drop ceiling?

Eragon’s a bold, sassy, in-your-face type of horse.

Monica McFawn Interview